Restaurant Gaia

Gaia is a restaurant that embraces Vejrø’s own nature, featuring its own vegetables and locally sourced game, accompanied by the finest fish and seafood available. We gather and preserve Vejrø’s bounty during the high season so that we can showcase these exceptional ingredients during the colder, less abundant months. We hold our ingredients to the highest standards, ensuring that only the absolute best is served in our restaurant. Gaia stands on pillars of gentle fishing, animal welfare, and ecological responsibility. It is a kitchen where creativity and curiosity, combined with a dedicated team of gardeners and farmers, unfold through uncompromising cuisine and service.

Gaia will open its doors on July 3rd

Greetings from the head chef

Gaia is our gastronomic beacon, providing a framework for a creative, sustainable, and locally sourced kitchen. Local produce and sustainability hold a special significance for us, as all our vegetables and meats come from Vejrø. This allows us to ensure an extraordinary short journey from soil to plate.

Through the use of quality local ingredients, a rich narrative, and a creative approach, we strive to provide each guest with a truly exceptional experience to cherish.

All dishes served in Gaia are crafted based on what Vejrø provides us at the moment, enhanced with preserved ingredients from previous seasons. Preservation, particularly through canning, is a significant part of Gaia’s DNA, as it offers ingredients a new and different life. We blend the familiar with the unexpected and the comforting with the daring. For us, this is the epitome of the perfect dining experience.

Welcome to Gaia.

Best regards,
Lasse, Head Chef at Vejrø




The Gaia Experience

Experience the complete Gaia and Vejrø journey through our “Soil & Sea” menu, a culinary voyage featuring up to 15 courses that delve into the lush treasure trove of ingredients that Vejrø has to offer. Our skilled culinary team crafts a harmonious balance between tender vegetables, wild herbs, sun-ripened berries, and fresh game, all cultivated and harvested with care by our dedicated team.

The menu begins with a series of delightful snacks and appetizers, awakening both appetite and senses. These small delights offer a taste of what the rest of the menu has to offer, presenting our interpretation of the ingredients as delicate finger-food bites and small plates.

We cherish the opportunity to work with fresh vegetables from our own production every day, and it is reflected in our menu, where vegetables play a central role in many of the courses.

Gaia's Ingredients

A central part of Gaia’s identity is utilizing nature, even when Vejrø doesn’t abundantly supply fresh ingredients. Therefore, we preserve vegetables, fruits, berries, and herbs using various methods such as pickling, fermenting, and drying. With a curious and creative approach, we continuously explore new ways to represent our surroundings.

We only seek out the best fish and seafood available in the Nordic region, and sustainable fishing is a cornerstone of our approach. We ensure that all our fish and seafood are in season and caught using gentle methods that respect the seabed and promote biodiversity.

When it comes to meat, it exclusively comes from our own production. Whether it’s game, veal, pork, or lamb, the animals have lived their lives on Vejrø and bear the mark of the island’s lush surroundings. We age and prepare our meat with great respect for the animal and with the ultimate goal of creating the perfect dish in mind. This approach ensures not only quality, but also a deep connection to our surroundings and the ingredients we work with.

Opening Hours

During the high season (May 10th to September 15th), Restaurant Gaia is open Wednesday to Saturday from 6:00 PM. Last orders are taken at 9:00 PM, unless ordering the 15-course menu, in which case orders must be placed by 8:00 PM.

In the warm rays of summer, we invite you to start your evening on our terrace, enjoying the sea view with a fresh and sparkling glass accompanied by snacks.

Our wine cellar is a tribute to wine enthusiasts seeking the perfect companion to their meal. With our impressive selection of wines, handpicked to complement each dish, we are confident that we can elevate your gastronomic experience to new heights and create an unforgettable visit.

Gaia will open its doors on July 3rd

NOTE: If you wish to take a day trip with dining in the restaurant, please note that our boats do not have fixed departure times, and therefore we cannot guarantee return trips. It is necessary to have your own transport in the form of a boat or plane, or book a getaway. When you book a getaway, a table in the restaurant is automatically reserved.

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Restaurant Gaia

We welcome Gaia as the new
evening restaurant from July 3rd

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