Meaningful Conferences

Need to gather a lot of talented people for larger events? We can create the perfect venue for your next conference, event, or yoga retreat. At Vejrø, we have hosted everything from utility companies seeking knowledge about the island’s energy to yoga retreats where tranquility and presence have been the focal point.

Networking, Conference or something else?

A conference or larger event at Vejrø can encompass a little bit of everything. We have the setting, and you have the idea. Before contacting us, you may consider the following:

  • Should the guests stay overnight?
  • Do you need a speaker for the event?
  • Do you want snacks or a 3-course menu?
  • Will you arrange transportation to the island yourselves, or do you want us to handle it?

We have facilitated everything from team-building trips for business professionals, where they arrived by seaplanes and had lectures on the island, to larger industry events with a focus on sustainability and green transition, as well as guided tours.

Unsure about the possibilities? Contact us today. Of course, we are happy to assist with the logistical planning of the event.

Why choose Vejrø as your partner?

You should choose Vejrø as your partner for yoga events, conferences, and national meetings because you want something extraordinary and unique.

Vejrø offers unique experiences that go beyond the ordinary. With self-cultivated ingredients and hunting of our own animals for Restaurant Skipperly, you will get a high-quality gastronomic experience. Furthermore, you can enjoy a private island as a location, which creates an exclusive and memorable setting for meetings, teambuilding, and company parties.

At Vejrø, we also prioritize sustainability and quality. With our own food production and a responsible approach to the island’s resources, you can enjoy fresh and high-quality organic ingredients that are sustainably cultivated.

We care about the environment, which is why Vejrø is a destination that is self-sufficient with energy, water, and heating. Our one-of-a-kind microgrid operates in island mode and can run on 100% green energy from our own wind turbine and solar panels.

As a private island, Vejrø offers a discreet and secluded location for any meeting or event. This provides an opportunity to focus on the purpose of the meeting without external disturbances. The tranquil atmosphere and the beautiful nature surrounding the island contribute to a relaxed and inspiring ambiance.

Overall, these factors make Vejrø an attractive partner – we look forward to welcoming you.

Searching for something else?

Shellfish dinner 6. April

Vejrø invites you to an exclusive Seafood Evening with overnight stay. Look forward to pampering your taste buds with a wide range of seafood over 10 courses, with an accompanying wine menu.