Sustainability on Vejrø

Welcome to our exclusive private island hotel and resort, located in the midst of the waters between Lolland and southwest Zealand. Here sustainability and green energy solutions take center stage. With our own microgrid and a range of innovative initiatives, we are proud to be one of Denmark’s leading examples, if not the leading example, of self-sufficiency and renewable energy sources. Our dedication to creating an environmentally friendly and sustainable future is evident in our energy, water, and heating solutions. Here, environmental responsibility does not compromise the quality of your stay.

June 2024: 12 days with 100% green energy and a total of 83% green energy share in electricity production.

Own Microgrid in "island mode"; featuring our own wind turbine, solar panel system, district heating, and biological micro purification plant.

Regenerative farming with a focus on 100% organic practices. The idea is to restore nature to its natural state.

World-leading Microgrid in Island Mode with the Potential for 100% Green Energy Share

On Vejrø, we operate as an independent microgrid, disconnected from the mainland power grid. This means that we are completely self-sufficient in terms of energy, water, and heating. Through extensive upgrades, we have transformed our supply chain to be primarily based on green energy sources, which are integrated into our microgrid system. This innovative system from Vestesen Hybrid Energy allows us to control and utilize our resources efficiently.

By implementing this technology, we minimize CO2 emissions through maximum utilization of renewable energy resources. Our independent microgrid system provides a stable electrical grid using exclusively green energy, managing both power supply and demand throughout Vejrø. This results in what we refer to as “good energy” – an energy form that is responsible, sustainable, and efficient.

Green energy, the driving force behind everything we do.

Our energy supply is based on an impressive array of green sources. With our own solar panels and powerful wind turbine, we are a model of self-sufficiency, generating our own electricity and heat.

Vejrø’s microgrid operates in what is known as “island mode”, meaning we are not connected to the mainland grid. We have our own local power network fueled by green energy from our own sources, such as solar and wind. Even when our own power runs out, we rely on alternative methods to maintain a reliable energy supply. These methods ensure that we can continue to operate with minimal impact on the environment.

Water, a resource in balance

Using our two water wells, a reverse osmosis system, and a biological minicleansing plant, we ensure to preserve and purify the island’s water resources that avoids waste using a closed-loop system.

Therefore, we are proud to provide clean water to our guests while minimizing our environmental impact by not discharging polluted water.

Heat, a green surplus

We have taken a stand against climate change by utilizing over 80% green heat in our hotel. In addition to providing electricity, our solar panels and wind turbine also harness surplus energy to heat our water tanks and provide warmth throughout the winter.

We have developed a system that optimizes our energy production and heat supply by recycling and maximizing the resources already available at our hotel and resort.

Agriculture, cultivated with respect for nature

Our farming methods focus on rebuilding the soil and creating a healthy microbial ecosystem. Therefore, we practice regenerative farming. Regenerative farming aims to promote an abundance of microorganisms by working on the soil surface and avoiding soil disturbance. Some would argue that it is a more natural approach compared to other conventional farming methods.

The meat also walks the fields of Vejrø. Agriculture is not just what we do to the land. The mindset is also extended to our animals. Among other things, we grow the feed ourselves for our numerous cows, sheep, and chickens on the island. In addition, we practice holistic grazing. That means we constantly move them from field to field to achieve a stable ecosystem between animals and nature.

Our seafood are also sourced from local producers and prioritize sustainable fishing methods. You can always inquire about the fishing method used for each individual fish or seafood item at Restaurant Skipperly.

Additionally, we maintain a diverse agricultural environment where we grow over 75 different vegetables, including multiple variations of vegetables. Throughout the season, our organic, biodynamic vegetables can reach an impressive variety of up to 150 different variations – everything from meat to greens, you can experience when dining at Restaurant Skipperly or purchase them to take home at the Harbor Cafe.

Experience the magnificent nature across the entire island and be inspired by the positive impact of organic farming on both wildlife and crops.

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development:

Denmark and Europe invest in rural areas

The enterprise has received Organic Area Support to operate the agricultural land of the enterprise. The purpose of the grant is to increase the organic area in Denmark and thereby achieve a range of benefits for the environment and biodiversity. The grant has been the basis for the enterprise to convert to and maintain an organic agricultural production.

The enterprise has received grants for Grassland and Nature Area Management. The purpose of the scheme is to protect and improve the habitat conditions and biodiversity on the property by taking areas out of intensive management for grazing. The initiative has resulted in increased focus on biodiversity and management of natural conditions on the enterprise.

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