Vejrø Marina

Vejrø Marina is your oasis in the midst of the sea southwest of Zealand. The harbor at Vejrø is filled with sailors and other guests throughout the summer, all seeking a break from everyday life.

Near the marina, you can enjoy the Harbor Café throughout the summer season, make use of the provided picnic tables with accompanying grills, and experience Vejrø’s nature, which offers everything from beautiful beaches to open fields and a rich wildlife.

Can we offer something at the Harbor Café?

The Harbor Café is the first place you encounter when you arrive on the island by water. We warmly welcome you, whether you sail yourself or are transported across with the island’s boats.

In the Harbor Café, you can check in your boat, get information, and take care of all the practical matters related to your stay on Vejrø. The harbor fee is paid at Restaurant Skipperly when the Harbor Café is closed.

Here, you can also enjoy light meals or purchase supplies from our Farm Shop. We offer a selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

We also serve freshly brewed coffee, ice cream bars, beverages from nearby islands, as well as a selection of wines, beers, and spirits that can satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Facilities at Vejrø Marina

At Vejrø Marina, you will find 85 guest berths with access to water and electricity on our docks. The harbor area is filled with life and coziness, with tables, benches, grills, and fire pits along the waterfront that you are free to use once the harbor fee has been paid.

Enjoy our newly renovated bathing and toilet facilities, which include a washing machine and a family shower. Near the harbor, you will also find our tennis court, Harbor Café, and a popular pirate-themed playground for the little ones. In the Harbor Café, you can also find a selection of grill packages and the island’s own seasonal vegetables.

In addition to the beautiful harbor, Vejrø offers an unforgettable experience of immersion surrounded by impressive nature, open landscapes, and relaxed luxury on the island’s 155 hectares, of which 100 hectares are organic farming with abundant wildlife that varies from year to year. We have previously had free-range pigs, sheep, and Galloway cattle. Take a tour around the island and experience the beautiful beaches, open fields, and rich wildlife.

If you’re in the mood for a gourmet experience, Restaurant Skipperly is the right place to satisfy your taste buds. Here, dishes based on the island’s own ingredients are served, and you can enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace or relax in the lounge with a fantastic view. Restaurant Skipperly is open from May to the end of September – remember to book a table in advance at 

Upon approaching, Vejrø VN will guide you and show the way from the southeast in a green/red angle at 320°. The entrance is marked with FL.R. and FL.G. The entire harbor is illuminated and can be accessed day and night.


Here you can find answers to the most common questions about Vejrø Marina and the things you can do on Vejrø. We look forward to welcoming you to one of Denmark’s best island harbors.

The prices for mooring in Vejrø Marina are as follows:


0 – 15 meters: DKK 350 per day

15 – 20 meters: DKK 550 per day

20> meters DKK 750 per day

Catamaran/Trimaran: DKK 550 per day

If there are more than 8 persons per boat, there is an additional fee of DKK 75 per person.

We offer to reserve space in the harbor for boats over 65 feet or 20 meters.

If you wish to reserve a boat berth, you can contact us at +45 63 20 59 20 or via email

Port fee, harbor dues, port charge or harbor fee? Different names, but you can pay the harbor fees online here or physically at our Harbor Café, which is located as the first stop when you arrive at the marina.


Once the harbor fees is paid, you can enjoy most of our facilities free of charge.


Please note that there is approximately 0.5 meters less depth due to siltation.

The entrance to Vejrø Marina has a depth of 3 meters. You can see a depth chart of the harbor here

The Danish Harbor Guide

– please be aware that there may be changes during periods of very low tide.

There are approximately 85 guest berths available in Vejrø. However, it is also possible to anchor in the bay.


Vejrø is a natural gem in the Archipelago Sea between Zealand and Lolland. Here, you can explore nature, take a refreshing dip in the many beaches, have a barbecue at the harbor, or let us take care of dinner at the Harbor Café. There is also a cozy playground and various activities available on the island. Time stands still here, allowing for deep relaxation and tranquility.


Longitude: 11.375656 | Latitude: 55.035204

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