Exclusive meetings of any kind

A meeting is not just a meeting at Vejrø. For our business customers, Vejrø is the ideal location for off-site meetings, board meetings, and networking events. We welcome your company, board, or management team to an unforgettable meeting experience with or without overnight accommodation.

Example of a meeting on Vejrø Resort

Your next exclusive meeting at Vejrø can be arranged as follows:

Sailing from Kragenæs Harbor to Vejrø Marina

Meeting catering, coffee, tea, water, and snacks

Lunch based on the chef’s selection

Afternoon coffee, tea, and homemade baked goods.

3-course menu based on the kitchen chefs selection



Sailing from Vejrø Marina to Kragenæs Harbor

We are happy to tailor your daytime meeting, networking event, or management meetings to include exactly what you need. It could include additions such as walk-and-talks, fireside talks, or other activities.

Why should you host your next off-site meeting at Vejrø?

As a private island, Vejrø offers a discreet and secluded location for any meeting. Whether it’s a business meeting, a conference, or a strategy seminar, you and your colleagues can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and the beautiful nature that surrounds you. Our facilities are designed to meet your needs, whether you require an intimate meeting room or a larger conference hall.

The location, facilities, and tranquility provide you with the opportunity to discuss sensitive topics, work with focus, and be present with each other. Even though we don’t have the best phone connection on the island (and it’s not something we usually boast about in Denmark), it means that you won’t be disturbed in the same way as on the mainland. However, we understand how important it is for you to stay in contact with the outside world, so we have ensured good WiFi locations instead.

Why are meetings at Vejrø something truly special? Because we combine unique nature, self-cultivated ingredients, and a discreet location to create an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. At Vejrø, you won’t just have a meeting; you’ll have a memorable event that will contribute to important decisions, both big and small.

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Restaurant Gaia

We welcome Gaia as the new
evening restaurant from July 3rd

Book your Gaia Getaway or reserve a table to dine at Restaurant Gaia now.

Is 2024 the year when you should experience Vejrø?

Vejrø Resort has created the perfect combination of nature, gastronomy, and luxurious relaxation. Experience Vejrø with the stay that suits you perfectly.