Private Wedding in Exclusive Settings

Who wouldn’t want to have their wedding in beautiful and exclusive settings on a private island? There’s no need to move the whole party to the south when you can have your private island wedding in Denmark, southwest of Zealand. Whether you dream of a nature wedding, a gourmet wedding, or a weekend wedding, you can have your dream wedding at Vejrø.

Customized Wedding Celebration in Private Settings

Vejrø offers a wedding experience like no other place. From the moment you contact us, your adventure begins. Our unique location in the middle of the sea near Zealand allows you to create an unforgettable wedding celebration in scenic and luxurious surroundings. The food and the exclusive venues contribute to an atmosphere that is truly unique.

Before you contact us, you can consider:

  • How many days should your wedding celebration last?
  • Do you want the ceremony on the island, in the orangery, or on the beach?
  • Do you want the reception to be held at a different location than the dinner?
  • Do you wish to have the wedding in our big party tent?
  • Should there be activities before, during, or after the grand dinner?

Our Booking Manager is available to assist with practical help regarding your wedding – timeline, transportation of both the band and guests, as well as planning of food and wine. At Vejrø, you have the time and space to enjoy both each other and your guests.

Why are weddings so special on Vejrø?

Whether you’ve found love on Vejrø or fallen in love with the island later, it holds a unique place in the hearts of most people. Weddings at Vejrø are something truly special. Here, you can enjoy several days of celebrations where guests can stay overnight, and you can share your joy.

With Restaurant Skipperly’s gourmet experiences, you can expect a wedding menu beyond the ordinary, based on the island’s own ingredients. Our head chef will showcase Vejrø on your plates, creating a unique experience every time.

Vejrø’s secluded location allows you to host a private celebration where you can enjoy each other’s company and celebrate love. An island wedding also gives you the opportunity to be married on the beach, in the orangery, amidst nature – or perhaps even in the air in a helicopter. The choice is yours.

Vejrø Resort offers you the opportunity for an exclusive wedding that only a few get the chance to experience.

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Restaurant Gaia

We welcome Gaia as the new
evening restaurant from July 3rd

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Is 2024 the year when you should experience Vejrø?

Vejrø Resort has created the perfect combination of nature, gastronomy, and luxurious relaxation. Experience Vejrø with the stay that suits you perfectly.