Come along on the journey

Get ready to embark on a new era of island travel to Vejrø Resort in 2024!

Our commitment to making transportation to the island both eco-friendly and convenient reaches new heights with the introduction of our state-of-the-art hydrofoil electric boat. This groundbreaking addition promises to revolutionize your journey from Copenhagen and the rest of Zealand – indeed, all of Denmark.

Shorter travel time from Karrebæksminde to Vejrø

Get ready to experience a revolutionary journey to Vejrø Resort with a shorter trip from Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark. Our cutting-edge hydrofoil electric boat marks a groundbreaking addition to our fleet, promising a journey that is not only fast and convenient but also completely electric. We are eliminating traditional fuels like gasoline and embracing clean electricity, meaning a journey that aligns with our goal of becoming 100% self-sufficient.

Sustainability at the Core

Vejrø Resort is more than just a destination – it’s a symbol of sustainability. Our island operates as an independent micro-grid, powered by innovative green energy solutions, such as wind turbines and solar installations.

We are proud to be a leading example of self-sufficiency and renewable energy sources in Denmark. With our hydrofoil boat integrated into our micro-grid, we are moving closer to our goal of 100% green energy, and we are transparent about precisely measuring how much green power is used to operate it. “You can always find the figures for the past month here, as well as read more about the other initiatives we are taking to ensure a more sustainable future.”

Our new hydrofoil boat not only represents our commitment to sustainability but also makes Vejrø Resort more accessible than ever before. With faster travel times from Copenhagen and Denmark, we ensure that your journey to our island paradise is smooth and hassle-free. Welcome to a new era of island travel, where luxury meets sustainability.

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