Teambuilding or company party?

If you’re looking for something different from the classic teambuilding or if you want to move the company party to an exciting location, Vejrø can be the setting for your next unique company event and teambuilding activities. With plenty of nature, good food, and fantastic rooms, there are endless opportunities to make it an unforgettable day.

What can you experience at Vejrø?

Although we encourage you to enjoy nature, the beautiful beaches, and our many hiking trails, we understand that there might be a need for more activities.

We can offer the following:

Christmas Party

Parties in the tent (summer)

Bicycles can be borrowed

Barbecue on the terrase

Fireside talks

Walk and Talk


Hunting and shooting events.

Morning Swim

Activities at sea

Do you have any very special requests for activities? There are many options for activities at Vejrø, including some who have arrived by seaplane, landed with a helicopter, and sailed in kayaks. We collaborate with excellent people. We are also happy to assist with the practical planning if you know the people who will be organizing the activity. Please contact us to learn more.

Why are teambuilding and company parties different at Vejrø?

At Vejrø, you get a completely different experience of teambuilding and company parties. As a private island, we have versatile possibilities that allow us to tailor activities to your needs. Whether you want to strengthen teamwork, enhance communication, or simply have fun together, we can offer exciting and challenging activities that will create memorable moments for your team.

One of the advantages of choosing Vejrø for your teambuilding or company party is that outside the summer season, you can practically have the island to yourself. This means that you’ll have a more exclusive and intimate experience, where you can focus on your team without distractions. The tranquil atmosphere and the natural beauty surrounding you will contribute to creating a relaxed and inspiring ambiance.

When it comes to company parties, Vejrø is something truly special. We offer a party experience like no other. Our unique location and atmosphere create a magical setting for your party, whether it’s a Christmas Party, an anniversary, or any other festive occasion. You will be able to enjoy an exclusive and unforgettable evening with your colleagues, where you can celebrate your successes and strengthen the bonds between you.

So why are teambuilding and company parties different at Vejrø? Because you get the opportunity to create special moments on a private island, where activities can be tailored to your needs, and where you can enjoy a unique and exclusive experience together. Vejrø gives you the opportunity to make your team-building and company parties truly special and memorable.

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Restaurant Gaia

We welcome Gaia as the new
evening restaurant from July 3rd

Book your Gaia Getaway or reserve a table to dine at Restaurant Gaia now.

Is 2024 the year when you should experience Vejrø?

Vejrø Resort has created the perfect combination of nature, gastronomy, and luxurious relaxation. Experience Vejrø with the stay that suits you perfectly.