About Vejrø

Vejrø is 155 hectares, located north of Lolland and southwest of Zealand, it is a privately owned island, purchased by Kim Fournais in 2005. Today, Vejrø operates Hotel Blæsenborg, Karlekammeret, 4 guest houses, Restaurant Skipperly, an airstrip, organic agricultural production, hunting fields and a marina with a harbor café.

Our trademark is Farm to Table, where sustainable agriculture and high quality food production yield delicious, healthy and seasonal ingredients, prepared by our well-trained chefs and ultimately enjoyed by our guests at Restaurant Skipperly.

Green technology solutions ensure our vision of sustainability with delivery of clean energy for heating, electricity, machines, water and waste processing.

Vejrø is a place where people can enjoy relaxed luxury, savor the best of life, feel inspired and reconnect with the people around them and the fantastic world we live in.


from Kim Fournais

Dear Vejrø Ambassador,

I appreciate your interest in Vejrø, a project I am very passionate and inspired to take to the next level. From the beginning, it has always been my dream to develop the island into a livable laboratory and model of sustainability where the best and most innovative green technology can be tested, applied and practiced.

The vision is to develop Vejroe into a unique role model and case study of both eco-friendly and pleasant living. The purpose of our project is to demonstrate how innovative, unbiased thinking joined by cutting-edge green technology enable us to preserve our environment, while also enjoying outstanding beauty, convenience and a high quality of life.

Vejrø is a beacon for what the future of sustainable living could look like as well as a real-time showcase for the technology required to make it happen.

When I took over Vejrø, it was a wasteland, a piece of “UdkantsDanmark” with no relevance, no jobs, piles of junk, ailing nature facing dereliction with no sustainability. It was a sad result of the way mankind can leave behind a bad heritage with negative impact.

The concept of making serious positive impact on a “defined area of the world” is appealing to me. If possible, we should all be striving to be a part of the solution by demonstrating a lasting positive win – win based footprint. This is my personal purpose and I am driven by strong motivation and a lot of energy.

I hope you will enjoy exploring the island as much as I do and are inspired by your experience on Vejrø to become a part of the solution and preserve this beautiful world we live in.

Warm Regards,
Kim Fournais

The Vejrø Manifest

Over a decade has passed since the restoration of Vejrø began, yet our unwavering goal and motivation remain steadfast. Just like the lighthouse in our logo, Vejrø stands as a beacon of sustainability, where a high quality of life and enjoyment are never compromised.

Vejrø Resort thrives on the principles of regenerative agriculture, green energy production, and animal welfare, all while harnessing the island’s abundant natural resources. We are fueled by the vision of self-sufficiency and harmonious coexistence with nature.

Indulge in a true culinary adventure on Vejrø, where every bite tells the story of the island. Our gastronomic delights begin their journey in the greenhouses, fields, forests, and sandy beaches that grace this island.

Embrace the tranquility, beauty, and unspoiled nature of Vejrø, where time slows down, and we reconnect with the rhythm of the natural world.

As a small island community striving to create a balanced ecosystem, we hope your visit inspires you to play your part in preserving our beautiful and precious world in these critical times. Support sustainability, reduce waste and embrace local farmers – let us care for our planet, now more than ever.

Our Story

When Vejrø was purchased in 2005 by Kim Fournais, the island was desolate with nearly 100 tons of waste and garbage left by people over the years. The first project was to clear the accumulated garbage like old cars, washing machines and heavy scraps of metal. This was the first sustainability initiative on Vejrø preventing contamination of soil and groundwater by removing the decomposing metal and preventing chemicals from leaking into the soil.

The harbor has been restored completely which has become a vital part of the island’s new life with world class sailor facilities, 85 berths and a small café where guests can purchase food and drinks locally grown and prepared on Vejroe.

The agricultural part of Vejrø has been revived with the building of 2 large greenhouses, constructed in a traditional English style where fruits, vegetables and herbs can be grown all year round. In addition, we have various livestock, cows, pigs, sheep and chickens, which are a food source but also used in our biodynamic farming practices to graze on the fields, clearing unwanted vegetation and fertilizing the soil along the way.

Historical Information

The meaning of Vejrø is “the island that is exposed to the weather.”

Vejrø holds a meaningful place in Danish history, with the first written record of the island found in 1231 describes King Valdemar using the island for royal hunts.

From this point, all the way up to the end of the 1600’s, the island was inhabited by “tenant farmers”, which means they paid rent to the king to both live and farm a plot of land. This agreemenrt eventually evolved into farmers owning a property on Vejrø but still paying the king to farm a plot of land until the 1800’s.

Source: “Vejrø : En historisk beretning om en ø i Smålandsfarvandet.” Author: Pia Moth Kibsgaard


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