Sail to Vejrø from Kragenæs and soon from Karrebæksminde

Vejrø will soon be just a short boat ride away from Karrebæksminde in Zealand!
Do you want to join us already now? Kragenæs Harbor is our regular port where our passenger boat Vejrø 3 departs from. But soon, you can also sail from Karrebæksminde in our brand-new Hydro-Foil boat arriving in autumn 2024.

From Karrebæksminde to Vejrø

Get ready to embark on a new era of island travel to Vejrø Resort in 2024!
Our commitment to making transportation to the island both environmentally friendly and convenient is reaching new heights with the introduction of our state-of-the-art hydrofoil boat, which operates on 100% electricity. This groundbreaking addition promises to revolutionize your journey from Copenhagen and the rest of Zealand as well as Denmark.

If you want to learn more about our new boat, you can click here, where we have gathered a deeper description of the technical details behind this addition.

The ferry to Vejrø departs from Kragenæs Harbor

Unfortunately, there is no regular ferry to Vejrø, but we have our reliable Vejrø 3, which will safely sail you and your passengers from Kragenæs to Vejrø.

The boat can accommodate 12 passengers at a time, so for larger parties and events, we take a few trips back and forth in good weather. The trip takes, under optimal conditions, about 25 minutes. Here, the journey passes by the many small islands and green areas in the Smålandsfarvandet.

Remember, a stay or event with us always includes the journey from Kragenæs to Vejrø. Read more here if you want to sail or fly yourself.

At the harbor in Kragenæs, there are parking spaces right in front of where Vejrø 3 docks. These can be used freely, and there is no time limit on them. If there are many of you traveling, you can easily park on the grassy area opposite the marked berths.

Day trip to Vejrø

Day trips to Vejrø are more than just a journey; they are an adventure!

We offer tailor-made day trips every sunday in July, where you can explore the island, enjoy a delicious lunch, and create memories for a lifetime.

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None of the dates work for you? Create your own adventure! Contact us to arrange your own day trip or day meeting at Vejrø.

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Restaurant Gaia

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Is 2024 the year when you should experience Vejrø?

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