Signatur Getaway

Dip your feet in the water, breathe in the fresh air, or watch the sunset over the fields with a signature stay at Vejrø Resort this summer – the place where all good things begin. You will immediately feel your shoulders relax and all the stress and hustle of everyday life disappear.

Peace is something you should indulge in regularly – let us create the perfect setting and book your signature stay today.

What is included in the Signatur Getaway?

Included are iconic Vejrø vibes, taste and natur, but also:

Sailing from Kragenæs Harbor to Vejrø Marina

Lunch based on the chef’s selection

Welcome drinks and snacks

3-course menu based on the kitchen chef’s selection



Sailing from Vejrø Marina to Kragenæs Harbor

Take a step closer to tranquility and book your signature stay today.

From 6.505 DKK 
2 persons in a double deluxe room.

A Signatur Getaway you don’t want to get home from

A signature stay at Vejrø Resort embodies peace, and you can feel it instantly as you arrive on the island. Our signature stay is designed to provide you with an unforgettable experience, where you can rediscover the feeling of inner well-being.

Let us inspire you to soulful experiences at Vejrø:

Let’s start by the sea: Vejrø’s coastal location, near Zealand in Denmark, allows you to immerse yourself in the crystal-clear water and let the waves wash away all your worries. Take a stroll along the beach, feel the sand between your toes, and listen to the sound of the waves creating a soothing symphony.

The island’s green areas and open landscapes also create the perfect environment to take a deep breath and let the stress melt away. Explore the well-tended gardens, enjoy the sight of flowers in full bloom, or find a shady spot under a tree where you can find inner peace and connect with nature.

End the day with one of the most enchanting experiences Vejrø Resort has to offer: watching the sun set over the fields. The golden light slowly fading and the spectacular colors painting the sky create an atmosphere of peace and beauty. The numerous private spots around the island provide ample opportunity to witness beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

Searching for something else?

Is 2024 the year when you should experience Vejrø?

Vejrø Resort has created the perfect combination of nature, gastronomy, and luxurious relaxation. Experience Vejrø with the stay that suits you perfectly.