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Stedet for eksklusive møder og private ophold

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Find plads til nærvær og fordybelse på Vejrø. Her vil du opleve et unikt og innovativt projekt, hvor du kan nyde roen og de luksuriøse omgivelser i en bæredygtig indpakning til gavn for ikke bare dig selv, men også resten af Danmark.

Vi har skabt et levende laboratorium, hvor vi udforsker bæredygtighed i alt, hvad vi gør og det gode liv som omdrejningspunkt. Af den grund kan du opleve øen på din tallerken i Restaurant Skipperly, booke et enestående ophold eller afholde events som forretningsmøder, julefrokoster og private sammenkomster på din helt egen private ø.





Joachim, Hamburg

We (My wife and our two sons and our friends couple with two girls) enjoy your Island every summer and we can not thank you enough for this, as it is a wonderful place. I am sailing since 40 years and I know Vejrø even from 2004. What you have created here since you took over is very unique and I am very happy that you share all this with everyone. The entire staff is doing a great job and is very friendly.

Henrik, CEO at Vestas

Vejrø Island is a testament to the seamless fusion of nature, hospitality, and sustainability. Here, you'll discover a harmonious blend of breathtaking landscapes, luxurious accommodations, and delightful gastronomy. Indulge in gourmet offerings sourced directly from the island's own greenhouse and farmland, creating a culinary experience like no other. 

What sets Vejrø apart is its pioneering spirit – it relies solely on solar and wind energy, making it a true model of self-sufficiency. Whether for business or personal escape, Vejrø Island comes wholeheartedly recommended. Experience a slice of heaven that's both serene and environmentally conscious.

Andrea & Michael, Whitepearl

Our 8-day stay aboard the sailing yacht Whitepearl was truly inspiring. We were deeply impressed by the opportunity to experience the beauty and sustainability of this place, and the outstanding Skipperly restaurant left a lasting impression.

The chefs masterfully crafted unique delicacies, and the impeccable service, along with the extraordinarily friendly people, made our stay truly special.

Anne Petersen, editor in chief, SALON

Vejroe is a utopia in the middle of the sea. An energetic attempt to prove that we are not powerless in the face of the climate crisis.

Endless blackberry hedges, sheep in the paddock, feet in the water: Vejroe has the free summer holiday spirit of childhood.

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Du forstår først Vejrø, når du har oplevet den.

Vi byder dig velkommen på øen.


+45 63 20 59 20


Vejrø 4,
4943 Torrig L,