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Whether you’re planning to celebrate love with an extraordinary wedding, aiming to create unforgettable memories for a life event, or searching for an exclusive venue for your next hunting gathering, Vejrø Resort can provide exactly that. Vejrø is your private island close to Zealand, where you and your guests can enjoy the beauty of nature and views over the water. Here, you can create exceptional and unique experiences.


Set love free on Vejrø and create unforgettable memories.


Let the hunt begin. At Vejrø, you’ll find exclusive settings for your next hunting experience.


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Unique weddings, parties, and hunting retreats at Vejrø

Vejrø is one of the few places in Denmark where you can host your next event on your own private island.

Vejrø Resort welcomes you to a world of exclusive accommodation options, unique dining experiences based on a sustainable farm-to-table concept, and an extraordinarily beautiful nature.

At Vejrø, the open green fields, inviting beaches, and hidden green oases surround you in a way that evokes a sense of secluded luxury and adventure. This is a place where sunrises and sunsets are mirrored in the sea, and where peace and tranquility become an indispensable part of the experience.

Every event that unfolds on Vejrø is carefully tailored to your preferences and desires. Our skilled team is dedicated to turning your dreams into reality, creating a unique expression, and providing you with an unforgettable experience. From start to finish, our goal is to tailor the event to fully reflect your vision and create moments that will be remembered forever.

If any questions arise along the way, you can find answers to some of the most common questions below. We aim for your time at Vejrø to be more than just an event, but a story of unique moments and unforgettable memories.


There can be many questions related to booking your wedding, event, or hunting at Vejrø Resort. We have gathered a few of the most frequently asked questions below, so you can find answers to them before contacting us.

How many rooms does Vejrø Resort have?

Vejrø Resort offers a total of 35 rooms, including 34 double rooms and 1 single room. These rooms are located in Blæsenborg Hotel, Karlekammeret, and our 4 guesthouses.

What is Vejrø Resort's capacity?

Vejrø Resort can accommodate up to 69 guests in our own rooms. There is also the possibility to expand the capacity with glamping tents, but this requires an inquiry.

How do you get to Vejrø?

When you book your party, hunting, or wedding with us, it includes transportation via our private boat. We depart from Kragenæs to Vejrø. Please note that there is no regular ferry to Vejrø.

Can you arrange your own transportation to Vejrø?

Vejrø offers facilities such as a helipad, landing strip, and harbor.

We have had guests arrive with everything from seaplanes to private boats, as well as small private planes and helicopters. Alternative transportation is possible – let us know when you book.

Can you get married on Vejrø and where?

Yes it is possible to get married on Vejrø.

We have beautiful options for the wedding ceremony, including our popular orangery, idyllic beaches, and scenic spots around the island.

Can you choose the menu for the wedding reception yourself?

Yes, it is possible to suggest the menu for your wedding reception.

Our food is based on the ingredients available on the island, so we would like to hear your preferences and see how we can accommodate them.

What does a wedding cost on Vejrø?

We create unique experiences and therefore prefer to customize the price according to your specific needs.

Contact us to receive our wedding brochure and get more information.

What is it possible to hunt on Vejrø?

At Vejrø, you can hunt pheasants, deer, hares, woodcocks, mallards, and greylag geese. We offer different kind of hunts like rough shooting during the hunting season.

Can you rent Vejrø for a day to go hunting?

Yes it is possible to rent Vejrø for the day.

However, we recommend the full hunting experience with a hunting package for the most enriching experience.

How much is a hunting getaway on Vejrø?

For an unforgettable hunting experience, we recommend our hunting package starting at around 5800 dkk.

Can you book Vejrø for a company hunt?

Absolutely, it’s possible and is one of the more popular options.

Many companies have already chosen us for both hunting experiences and meetings. Contact us to receive a tailor-made offer.

What kind of hunt can you get on Vejrø?

We offer driven hunts, rough shooting for flying game, and stalking hunts for roe deer. Remember that the 3-shot rule applies at Vejrø.

What can you do on Vejrø?

In addition to hunting, we also offer activities such as clay pigeon shooting, laser shooting, island tours, and yoga. We also collaborate with others who offer various activities. Contact us for further information, and remember that all activities should be booked well in advance.

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