Restaurant Skipperly

At Restaurant Skipperly on Vejrø the island comes alive on your plate. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of organically grown vegetables, meats sourced from our very own animals, and fragrant herbs from the land, sea, and greenhouses.

Every bite captures the essence of nature in its most exquisite form. The menu is ever-changing and based on what is available. Every visit will be different and beautiful in its own way. Prepare to be captivated by the flavors and sensations that await you at our restaurant.

About our Restaurant

Immerse yourself in a dining experience that celebrates the bounty of Vejrø’s nature. From the dedicated farmers and gardeners to the talented chefs, our focus is to let the island’s raw ingredients shine through.

We explore, play, and experiment with food, always striving for an authentic culinary journey. Our commitment lies in cooking with natural and honest techniques, leaving no doubt about the exquisite creations presented on your plate.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you, our guest with an unforgettable experience, leaving Vejrø with beaming smiles and becoming ambassadors who share their culinary adventures with friends and colleagues, making Vejrø a desired destination for all.

We look forward to welcoming you to a gourmet dinner that is based on an incredible culinary and sustainable approach.

With warmest regards,
Vejrø’s Gastronomic Team

The Taste of Vejrø

What you get is what you see. We carefully curate our menu with seasonal, organic, and locally grown vegetables, fruits, and herbs sourced directly from Vejrø greenhouses, open fields, orchards, and herb garden.

Furthermore, our talented chefs embark on foraging adventures throughout the island’s forests and beaches, gathering naturally growing edible plants and berries, infusing each dish with a genuine touch of authenticity. In our quest for excellence, we select meats that have been born, raised, and prepared within the captivating embrace of Vejrø, ensuring an unparalleled dining experience.

At Restaurant Skipperly, the concept of Farm to Table takes on its purest and most heartfelt meaning. The very table you sit at is intertwined with the farm and field where the food was lovingly nurtured, bypassing any intermediaries along the way.

The menu is ever-changing and based on what is available. Every visit will be different and beautiful in its own way.

Menu for Restaurant Skipperly

As we cook based on the nature of Vejrø, the season, and the resources available on the island, we have chosen not to have a fixed menu.

Your visit will therefore always be different, which we hope you can appreciate and look forward to the surprise of dining at Restaurant Skipperly.

Of course, we can accommodate allergies and special dietary needs.

We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant at Vejrø Resort.

Opening hours 

During high season (15 of may to 15 of september), we are open from Wednesday to Sunday, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During the off-season, Restaurant Skipperly transforms into a hub for conferences, team building activities, getaways, group hunts, private parties, and yoga retreats.

When the sun graces us with its presence during the summer months, enjoy the pleasant ambiance of outdoor dining on our terrace.

Our indoor dining room can accommodate up to 60 guests at smaller tables, while the first-floor long tables can seat approximately 30 guests.

To enhance your dining experience, we offer a meticulously curated wine cellar that will captivate wine enthusiasts and make your meal truly memorable.

Join us at Restaurant Skipperly for a remarkable culinary journey and book your table for the summer now.

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