Skipperly Restaurant

We hope you enjoy the original culinary experience that awaits you.

What is farm to table dining?

When you eat at our restaurant, you know where your food comes from.

In its pure and most honest form, Farm to table means the table you are eating at is located at the farm or field where the food was produced without going through a market, store or other distributor along the way. We are very proud to deliver an authentic Farm to table experience for you at the Skipperly Restaurant.

We use seasonal, organic, locally grown vegetables, fruits and herbs from the Vejroe greenhouses, outdoor fields, orchards and herb garden. Our chefs also forage the island in the forest and beaches for naturally growing, edible plants and berries that are incorporated into the dishes and make the experience more authentic. Our selection of meats and poultry is as often as possible, born, raised and prepared for the kitchen without ever leaving Vejroe.

Restaurant Opening Hours

The restaurant is open daily in high season for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The indoor dining room can hold 50 guests. An outdoor terrasse offers an al fresco dining experience with more space for our guests to enjoy Vejroe’s local food in the summer months.

The Skipperly Restaurant is also equipped with a very well stocked Wine Cellar which will make your meal even more enjoyable for those with a passion for wine.

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