We offer several transport options to our guests.

Sail with us

Get on board, begin to relax as our captain sails you to Vejroe

Your own boat

May you have fair winds and following seas, sailors are always welcome at Vejroe Harbor


For aviation lovers, air transport with helicopter or plane is always an option

How to arriveTO VEJRØ

Directions for drivers




How to sail with us

We have two passenger boats (Targa 44) that can each seat 12 passengers comfortably with hard top to sit inside if you wish. The boats sail back and forth from Kragenæs Harbor in Lolland to Vejroe. There is a secure parking lot at Kragenæs Harbor for you to park your car and it takes 25 minutes from point of departure to Vejroe.


It is important to know that our boats do not have a set schedule of sailing times, we coordinate with our guests based on who is arriving or leaving the island. You will be contacted by reception to arrange arrival and departure time.

Contact our Reception
Phone: +45 63 20 59 20
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We ask that you include your name, dates you are staying on the island and contact details in your message.

Round trip: DKK 700/person

Sail your own boat

Reserve a berth at Vejroe’s newly renovated harbor, which can hold a maximum of 85 boats. All reservations include water and electricity.

Also included in your reservation is access to Vejroe’s world class Sailor Facilities, which offer modern and spacious showers, toilets, laundry room and outdoor kitchen with sink and countertop. You also have access to our tennis courts, free mountain bikes to explore the island and a large Pirate ship playground for the children.



The harbor is a vibrant and active area of the island. Picnic tables and outdoor grills line the harbor to be enjoyed by our guests. The Farm boutique is located at the harbor and sells Vejroe delicacies produced on the island including fresh vegetables, fruits, and berries, sandwiches, drinks and ice cream. Cocktails and grill nights are held in the harbor on the weekends in high season.

If you’d like to order fresh bread or a Vejroe Grill Basket include this in your booking. If you would like to eat at Restaurant Skipperly during your stay, this can also be included in your booking.

If your boat is under 22m or 72 feet, it is not necessary to pre-book a birth.
If there are less than 24 hours to arrival, please contact Reception.

Contact our Reception
Phone: +45 63 20 59 20

Vejroe’s harbor is illuminated, so that sailors can easily navigate into the harbor at night.

Longitude: 11.375656 | Latitude: 55.035204 

0 – 15 meters DKK 350/day *
16 – 20 meters DKK 550/day *
20> meters DKK 750/day*
Catamaran/Trimaran DKK 550/day *
*If there are more than 8 people/boat, there is an additional DKK 75/person. 

Fly to Vejroe

Fly to Vejroe with Airplane or Helicopter

There is both an airstrip and helicopter landing pad available for our guests on Vejroe.

Our airstrip on Vejroe (EKVO) is a well maintained, smooth grass field, 550m long with 30m at both ends and RWY 06/24. The grass field is located on the northeast side of the island and is marked with red and white boxes and a windbag which sits on the south side of the airstrip.  


Pilots should be aware of live game and birds that could be on or in the vicinity of the runway.  

GPS coordinates:  N 55 ° 02.00 ′ E 011 ° 21.02PPR is not required. No restrictions on arrival and departure. There is a small shed next to the airstrip with maps and information about the island. We kindly ask you to register in the building at the runway. 

Radio: By special request only. Our helicopter landing pad on Vejroe is a validated landing site for helicopters. The AV HELI PAD is located next to the Skipperly Restaurant and visible from the outdoor terrasse.  

GPS coordinators: N 55 ° 02.21 ‘ E 011 ° 22.49 If you would like to book a charter flight from Roskilde airport, which is only a short 15-minute flight to Vejroe, contact Copenhagen Airtaxi.

Questions regarding arriving by plane or helicopter?

Contact our Reception
Phone: +45 63 20 59 20



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