Arrive to Vejrø

Vejrø Resort can be reached in many different ways. Let yourself be inspired here on how you prefer to arrive at one of Denmark’s most beautiful small islands in Smålandsfarvandet. Are you arriving at Vejrø with our own boats, sailing by yourself, or taking the helicopter? The choice is yours. We will guide you below with the practical information related to your arrival at Vejrø.

Sail with us

Sail to Vejrø from Kragenæs and Karrebæksminde. The journey begins as soon as you step on board.

Sail yourself

Vejrø Marina is one of Denmark’s coziest harbors, bustling with happy sailors and other guests throughout the summer.

Fly by yourself

Vejrø has its own landing site as well as a helipad, allowing you to arrive safely from the air and enjoy the island, a lunch, or an overnight stay.

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Questions about your arrival?

Contact us today and let us assist you, whether you’re arriving by yourself or sailing with us.

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There may be many questions in connection with booking your next meeting or conference at Vejrø Resort. We have gathered a few of the most frequently asked questions below, so you can find answers to them before contacting us.

How can you come to Vejrø?

Vejrø Resort can be reached in many different ways. You can sail with our boats, which currently depart from Kragenæs. From the summer of 2024, you will also be able to sail from Karrebæksminde. In addition to sailing to Vejrø, you can also fly to Vejrø Resort with small planes and helicopters.

Can you fly to Vejrø?

You can fly to Vejrø with small propeller planes, recreational aircraft, and helicopters. Vejrø is equipped with a runway and a helipad.

Is sailing included in the stay?

When you book a stay or event at Vejrø Resort, sailing in our own boat is included. If you prefer to arrive in a different way, this can be arranged.

How are the landing conditions for aircraft?

Vejrø has a well-maintained runway (EKVO) as well as a helipad. Both are strategically located for easy access to the facilities.

The helipad is located in front of Restaurant Skipperly: GPS coordinates: N 55° 02.21′ E 011° 22.49.

The runway is located on the southeast side of the island: GPS coordinates: N 55° 02.00′ E 011° 21.02.

Are there parking facilities at Kragenæs Harbor?

Yes, there are free parking spaces available opposite where Vejrø 3 docks. There is no time limit for parking.

If you are coming with a group, there is plenty of space in the grassy area behind.

Which airlines can land on Vejrø?

You can book a flight with providers such as Nordic Seaplanes or Copenhagen Airtaxi. They have flown to and from the island before. Do you wish to arrive with them? Contact them directly to make arrangements.

Most providers have the option to land on Vejrø.

Are there restrictions for arrival and departure by plane or helicopter?

There are no specific restrictions for arrival and departure. Both the runway and helipad are available without restrictions.

What do I do if I have questions about my arrival?

You can contact our reception at the phone number +4563205920 or via email at

We are ready to assist with all your arrival-related questions and needs.

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