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Island life keeps time with the seasons on Vejrø. Springtime brings fields of cavorting Såne lambs, and the fragrant blossoming of the fruit trees. The first spring vegetables make their appearance, and the chefs at Skipperly showcase the tender succulence of local produce in dishes that capture the essence of the season.



Summer living means outdoor living. Vejrø invites visitors to explore its sandy beaches, open landscapes and pristine forests. But the island retreat also beckons with outdoor activities such as surf fishing and open-air gastronomy – starring tender vegetables, wild berries and delicate wines.



Autumn is the time of harvest and hunting. Partridges, pheasants and roe deer roam the woodland and meadows, and fruits and root vegetables are ripe for the harvesting. At Skipperly the gastronomic glow of late summer intensifies – and the crackling fire flickers ever brighter. It’s the perfect time for taking brisk walks along the sand and stone beaches.



Winter is a darker time, a season redolent of culinary depth and inspiration. Dinner tables proudly feature Vejrø’s summer harvest – preserved and salted. Now is the season to enjoy winter’s calm and the sharp, salty tang of the sea air. On Vejrø you have the world all to yourself – and all the time you need to relax and reconnect with nature.